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We perform both indoors or outdoors.  If your party is outside, we ask that  if the temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius with the humidity, that your party be indoors.  Due to the nature of our costumes, we cannot risk dehydration or sunstroke.  Please keep your attention on the temperature as our performers can refuse to work in extremely hot  temperatures OR in direct sun exposure.  

First Contact Person:
Our performers will arrive in regular street clothes approximately 30-40 minutes before your start time to set up for your party and get changed.  Please have someone available for us to meet at the entrance.  You may also get a call from us at the contact number you provided on the booking form.  We may need assistance in finding your location.

Please ensure there is a parking spot available for us to unload our equipment close to your entrance.  We sometimes have large bins to bring in.

Change Room:
We like a room that is secluded to us so we can keep our personal belongings in like street clothes and wallets with a mirror in the room if possible.  Usually this is the master bedroom or another bedroom that is accommodating.  We may also use a living room area if your party area is somewhere else.
NOTE: for hyg
iene reasons, our performers do not change in washrooms.  

Party Room Setup:
We find that this is where most people have questions because they have no idea on how to set up their room.  It’s really quite easy.  If you’ve ever been to a live theatre, you always have the same setup.   Our performers will need access to your party / stage area for music / prop setup and will work out the overall room logistics with you such as:

- Where to seat the kids

- Where to seat the adults

- Area to place our music stand

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